Setara Institute Profile

Year Established: 14 October 2005


SETARA Institute is an organization that founded by some individuals which dedicated to the ideal that everyone should be treated equal while respecting diversity, giving priority to solidarity and upholding human dignity. It was founded by people who would like to eliminate discrimination and intolerance on the basis of religion, ethnicity, tribe, skin color, gender, and other social statuses, and promote solidarity with the weak and victims.

SETARA Institute believes that a democratic society would allow progress and mutual understanding, uphold honor, and recognize diversity. However, discrimination and intolerance still exist and even lead to violence. Therefore, some measures that strengthen respect for diversity and human rights through broader participation should be undertaken to advance democracy and peace.

SETARA Institute is promoting the creation of conditions that would lead to an open political system based on respect for diversity, defense of human rights, and elimination of intolerance and xenophobic attitude. Since its establishment, at least for 5 years operation, Setara Institute has been produced 20 reports (in research report form, policy paper) and assesses many appreciations. The presence of Setara Institute has another inuence in promoting pluralism which diers from another institution that did the same issues with theological approach, while SETARA Institute do it with secular based.


Setara Institute’s goals:

  • To promote pluralism, humanitarianism, democracy and human rights
  • To study and advocate pluralism, human-centered public policy, democracy and human rights
  • To launch a dialogue on conflict resolution
  • To undertake public education activities.


  1. Human rights monitoring, particularly with regard to freedom of religion/ belief and Human rights performance index 2013
  2. Policy review on President Instruction No. 2 year 2013 about handling the internal security disorder
  3. Strengthening Advocacy for Religious Freedom
  4. Policy advocacy on Religious Life Harmony Legal Draft, National Security Legal Draft, Mass Organization Legal Draft, etc.
  5. Case Tracking System (CTS); database online system on violence of Religious Freedom and Belief
  6. Sort Messages Service (SMS) gateway on violence of Freedom of religious and Belief
  7. Research: MP3EI/ master plan on Indonesian economy acceleration and development, and also human rights fulllment.
  8. Research: a decade on terrorism eradication accountability performance.
  9. Research: Understanding Minority Rights in Indonesia
  10. Research: National educational system and the issues on violence of Freedom of Religious and Belief
  11. Research: the urban dynamic and the tension of social religious life.
  12. Research: citizen constitutional rights fulllment index: a decade of constitutional court and Indonesian Republic Constitutional amendment.
  13. Research: Internet, freedom of expression and radicalism
  14. Conference: national consultation for victims of Freedom of Religious and Belief