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Human Rights Performance Index 2013

Sorry, this post only available on Indonesian language. Kontak Person: HENDARDI, Ketua SETARA Institute (08111.709.44) BONAR TIGOR NAIPOSPOS, Wakil Ketua SETARA Institute (0811.819.174) ISMAIL HASANI, Peneliti Senior SETARA Institute (08111.88.4787) Download Index Kinerja Penegakan HAM 2009-2010 Read More »

Arrest of top Indonesian judge over corruption sparks outrage


The recent arrest of the Constitutional Court’s chief justice has sent ripples across the country, tarnishing the reputation of the judicial institution — an institution often held up as a rare example of corruption-free power. Indonesia’s anti-graft institution has arrested Chief Justice Akil Mochtar who allegedly accepted a bribe to fix the court’s ruling on a contested election in central ... Read More »


Illustration: Simon Letch

Selamat pagi, Pak Tony Abbott (Good morning, Mr Tony Abbott). Welcome to Indonesia. We hope you like our country – we certainly do. Have you noticed that your refugees almost never come from Indonesia? They come through Indonesia. You worry about boats coming to Australia but these people use Indonesia as a stepping stone to get to you. Officially, there ... Read More »



Jakarta’s official ideology of tolerance is a myth, as persecuted Shias and Christians can well attest. According to its guiding political philosophy, Pancasila, Indonesia is a land of religious tolerance. The country’s six recognized religions–Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism and Hinduism–supposedly enjoy equal protection under the law and equal right of worship in the Muslim-majority nation. Pancasila is Indonesia’s official ideology: ... Read More »

Human Rights Performance Index 2012


INTRODUCTION On December 10, 2012, citizens of the world will celebrate the International Day of Human Rights. 64 years ago, December 10, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) became reference script for every country in the world to treat people with dignity, respecting the self integrity and a set of attached rights. In order to commemorate International Human Rights ... Read More »