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Covid-19-Induced Discrimination is making Our Pandemic Experience much Worse

Dari samping kiri Peneliti Hukum dan Konstitusi SETARA Institute Inggrit Ifani, Direktur Eksekutif SETARA Institute, Ismail Hasani, dan Peneliti HAM dan Perdamaian SETARA Institute, Selma Theofany. (Foto: SETARA Institute)

COVID-19 has already infected Indonesia, with Jakarta being the epicenter of the spread (Taher, 2020). As of this writing, the number of positive cases in the country has reached 1.046, with 87 patients died and 46 patients recovered. Aside from these numbers, there are people categorized as monitored persons (Orang dalam Pemantauan/ODP) and monitored patients (Pasien dalam Pengawasan/PDP). Unfortunately, COVID-19 has ... Read More »

Tolerant City Index 2015


Introduction In celebrating International Tolerance Day, which is commemorate in every November 16, SETARA Institute studied and indexed 94 cities all around Indonesia in order to promote and practice tolerance. The indexing aims to promote the cities which were considered succeed in building and developing  tolerance, so it should be affecting the other cities to follow. Report on Tolerant City ... Read More »

Perception of Public High School Students in Jakarta & Bandung on Tolerance

grafik survei siswa presentasi ENGLISH

Survey of Perception of State High School Students in Jakarta and Bandung on tolerance consisted of 171 high schools as its population with 114 high schools as sample. There were 76 high schools located in Jakarta and 38 high schools located in Bandung by using simple random sampling method. From each schools, 6 students both male and female were taken as respondent with total respondent ... Read More »

Victim Not Surprised By Light Sentence


The Bekasi district court on Thursday sentenced a man who threatened a Batak Protestant Congregation (HKBP) church pastor Palti Panjaitan, to two months in jail and six months probation. Abdul Aziz bin Naimun was charged with unpleasant conduct after demonstrations outside the HKBP Filadelfia church in Bekasi. “The defendant has been proven validly and convincingly guilty of a crime under ... Read More »

Religious Intolerance Increases in Indonesia Watchdog Says

SP Photo/ Mikael Niman

Democracy and human rights watchdog organization Setara Institute, recorded an increase in the violation of religious freedom. Based on the Institution’s observation, the number of province with cases of religious intolerance increased from 13 in 2012, to 20 in 2013. “Violation happened in regions where there was no violation before,” Setara Institute Deputy Head Bonar Tigor Naipospos, said in Jakarta ... Read More »