Yogyakarta Students Speak Up Against Intolerance

United: Around 300 students from 27 schools across Yogyakarta read out a pledge to uphold a spirit of tolerance during the Declaration of Tolerant Yogyakarta Students event at Yogyakarta State University's (UNY) Pancasila Park on Aug. 28. Foto: JP/Bambang Muryanto

Hundreds of students in Yogyakarta have conveyed their pledge to uphold tolerance and maintain unity amid growing religious tension and sectarianism. In Bantul, a headmaster of a state high school was reported to have refused to support issues related to tolerance and Pancasila. It was also reported that he initially refused to send his school’s students to attend the Declaration ... Read More »

Constitutional Court must speed up judicial reviews: Setara

Constitutional Court judges Arief Hidayat (center), Anwar Usman (left) and Maria Farida Indrati (right) preside over a hearing at the court in Jakarta on April 4. (Antara/M Agung Rajasa)

The Constitutional Court (MK) needs to improve its performance in handling judicial review requests to curb potential misconduct,  human rights watchdog Setara Institute has suggested. Ismail Hasani, the watchdog’s research director, said the longer it takes for the court to process a request, the greater the opportunity for collusion between plaintiffs and justices. He cited the bribery case of former ... Read More »

The Alliance Between Indonesia’s Islamic Conservatives and Politicians Cannot Last

Photo: Aerial Ribuan/REPUBLIKA

Uncomfortable bedfellows: The alliance that proved so successful in defeating Ahok may yet unravel Now that ex-Jakarta Governor Ahok has been ousted from power and faces prison, the unifying mission that brought Indonesia’s hard-line Islamic groups together may unravel, Chris Chaplin writes. Over the course of the past nine months, an alliance between political interests and Islamic activists against Jakarta ... Read More »

Is Indonesia teetering toward theocracy?

Hardline Muslims react to the verdict in Basuki "Ahok" Purnama's blasphemy trial outside the court in Jakarta on May 9, 2017. Photo: Reuters

The conviction and jailing of Jakarta governor Basuki Purnama for blasphemy caps a rising trend of Islamic intolerance Moderate Muslim leaders and human rights groups have renewed calls to scrap Indonesia’s 1965 blasphemy law following last week’s conviction and imprisonment of ethnic-Chinese Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Purnama for his controversial reference to a verse in the Koran. The growing use ... Read More »

Civil Society Groups Call For Changes To The Blasphemy Law That Convicted Ahok


The ruling against the Christian governor causes tensions and controversy. The blasphemy is a pretext used to exert social and political pressure on opponents. The court failed to exert its independence, said Surya Chandra.  “Article 156a of the Criminal Code article is elastic,” Antonius Yudo said. “Any opinion or claim other than that of the majority and not in accordance ... Read More »