Freedom of Religion/Belief Report 2014

From Stagnation To Pick The New Hopes

In the perspective of protection guarantee on Freedom of Religion/Belief (KBB), 2014 is the year while two transition models of government which attended in KBB protection, from the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s regime to Jokowi’s. The policies made by SBY’s regime tend to restrictive on to the freedom of religion/belief issues, so created the stagnant situation which is incline to dangerous.2 SETARA Institute assessed that there’s no significant progress that worth to be noted as KBB’s protection. Does the Jokowi’s regime will be better in running this issue? Time will answer. But, some indicators should be seen to assess about do this regime will create the new hope or not.

Whoever runs government in this Republic, so SETARA Institute will do research and assessment on the issue of Freedom of Religion/Belief in Indonesia. Those research and assessment are motivated by the real condition of freedom of religion/belief which gets no intact guarantee from state, and the intolerant action, discrimination and violence are still continually happening in Indonesia as well.