Freedom of Religion/Belief Report 2012

Leadership Without Initiative

The report on condition of freedom of religious/belief in Indonesia was released to public in December 17, 2012. Because of many things, the report published in March, 2013. As a monitoring report, this publishing aimed to spread out the reader spectrum and SETARA Society constituent together to advocate the freedom of religious/belief in Indonesia.

This report is titled Leadership without Initiative, was the 6th report where since 2007 SETARA Institute publishes annual report. As the report before, the accidents of freedom of religious/belief violation reported using certain method and note. Modification is used regularly to the current theme which tend trough the year.

In this report, is consisted with special study about the solving modus by the state upon some important accidents until the report being written. The government, both central and regional, did not show the good will and the best effort to solve the problem until drag on. The Ahmadiyya follower refugees in Transito Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara still live in bad condition, also Shia community abandoned to go back where they belong, and still stay in a sport building in Sampang and forced to live their life in uncertainly, law negation done by the City Government of Bogor from the Supreme Court verdict which canceled the permit revocation of GKI Yasmin Bogor, also HKBP Filadelfia Bekasi which treated by the Bekasi Government inappropriate. The description of state solving modus described in Chapter Four aimed to show to any institution that the solving patter all this time is only in words and stage. Even though there is an effort, merely is an instant solution which impact in victims’ head more deep same problem and became new humanity violation to the same victims. The theme of this 6th report represents the national leader attitude that becomes the state performance parameter in anti climax on
promoting pluralism and assurance of the freedom of religious/belief in Indonesia. The politic of discrimination which chose by the state, described from the serial accidents since 2007-2012 which always increase and no serious action from the state. The report also bring all the readers to think, to take side and to act tolerant and push all of the state elements in participate on furtherance human rights.

Jakarta, March 2012