(Bahasa Indonesia) 10 Tahun Mahkamah Konstitusi: Dinamika Perlindungan Hak Konstitusional Warga

The results of this research are on display in the present volume which thus constitutes a landmark publication on nascent constitutional jurisprudence in Indonesia: Mapping the ways in which the Indonesian Constitutional Court, through its judicial review authority, has shaped the exercise of the citizens’ civil and human rights was the core of the investigation, but general institutional issues as well as the scope and limits of the Court’s authority are also touched upon. I am very glad that Germany has been able to assist in these efforts. Our support for SETARA in conducting the research project ties in with an ongoing cooperation of Germany and German institutions with Indonesia’s young Constitutional Court. This engagement goes right back to 1999, and it is based on our own national experience of having a strong and self-confident Federal Message of Greeting vi Constitutional Court. As a vital democratic institution, it safeguards the Constitution by interpreting it in light of society’s current needs and requirements as much as of its own history, principles and previous decisions. Therefore, a consolidated record and analysis of the first ten years of the Court’s workings will be an essential reference point for the future. To have provided this reference point is SETARA Institute’s lasting credit.

German Ambassador to Indonesia