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Covid-19-Induced Discrimination is making Our Pandemic Experience much Worse

Dari samping kiri Peneliti Hukum dan Konstitusi SETARA Institute Inggrit Ifani, Direktur Eksekutif SETARA Institute, Ismail Hasani, dan Peneliti HAM dan Perdamaian SETARA Institute, Selma Theofany. (Foto: SETARA Institute)

COVID-19 has already infected Indonesia, with Jakarta being the epicenter of the spread (Taher, 2020). As of this writing, the number of positive cases in the country has reached 1.046, with 87 patients died and 46 patients recovered. Aside from these numbers, there are people categorized as monitored persons (Orang dalam Pemantauan/ODP) and monitored patients (Pasien dalam Pengawasan/PDP). Unfortunately, COVID-19 has ... Read More »

Allegations of Racism, Police Brutality Spark Violent Protests in Papua

People participate in a protest march in Jayapura, Papua, on Monday. (Photo: Antara Photo/Gusti Tanati)

Jakarta. Alleged racism and police brutality against Papuan students in East Java on Saturday triggered violent protests in cities in Indonesia’s two easternmost provinces on Monday. Police said false information about officers killing Papuan students during raids in Malang and Surabaya went viral over the weekend, triggering public anger in their hometowns. Police maintain that no Papuan students had been arrested ... Read More »

Setara Institute Urges Jokowi Form National Legislation Center

SETARA Institute menggelar seminar nasional bertajuk "Mendorong dan Memperkuat Kebijakan Toleran dan Antidiskriminatif" di Indonesia pada Selasa, (13/08/2019) di Jakarta. (Foto: SETARA Institute)

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Human rights advocacy group Setara Institute urged President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to establish a national legislation center following many findings of regional regulation and legal products that promote intolerance. In a survey held from September 2018 until February 2019, Setara found many regional regulations promoting intolerance passed by provincial, regency, or city administration. “This research proves that the existence of discriminatory regional regulation is a ... Read More »

Adherents of Local Religions


PREFACE In mid-June 2017, SETARA Institute published a report from the Series of Reports on Freedom of Religion/Belief titled “Conditions of the Constitutional Rights Fulfilment of the Adherents of Local Religions in God Almighty”. Adherents of Local Religions in God Almighty or also known as the adherents of Indonesian Local Religions are one of the SETARAInstitute’s focuses on the research area ... Read More »

Replace Blasphemy With Incitement


Introduction At least 52 countries have blasphemy laws codifid into their domestic legal codes. Figure 1 illustrates the global distribution of countries with blasphemy laws. Punishments for violation range from small fies to the death penalty. States with such laws represent arangeof diffrent cultures, histories, religions, and socioeconomic levels. States range across the majority of regions including the Middle East ... Read More »