Survey: Akil Mochtar Failed as Chief Justice


None of the rulings passed in cases overseen by Akil Mochtar, the disgraced former chief justice of the Constitutional Court, passed muster, according to a survey of 200 experts looking back at the now corruption suspect’s record on the bench. “There was not a single satisfactory score for the quality of verdicts made under Akil Mochtar’s leadership,” Hendardi, the chairman ... Read More »

Indonesia affirms freedom of religion


The government refuses to kowtow to hardliners who have been calling for a ban on the Ahmadiyah sect. Vowing to uphold tolerance and civil rights, the Indonesian government has firmly stood its ground, rejecting demands from some Muslim groups including the Islamic Defenders’ Forum (FPI) to disband the Ahmadiyah sect. “The position of the central government remains guided by the 1945 ... Read More »

Miss World Organizers Outraged As Govt Submits to Hard-Liners


Outraged Miss World organizers and human rights activists have condemned the Indonesian government for its lack of support for the event, saying the last-minute decision to keep the entire pageant in Bali is yet another example of authorities bowing to religious extremists. On Monday, the MNC Group, the country’s largest media company and the main organizer of Miss World 2013, ... Read More »