Religious Freedom

Adherents of Local Religions


PREFACE In mid-June 2017, SETARA Institute published a report from the Series of Reports on Freedom of Religion/Belief titled “Conditions of the Constitutional Rights Fulfilment of the Adherents of Local Religions in God Almighty”. Adherents of Local Religions in God Almighty or also known as the adherents of Indonesian Local Religions are one of the SETARAInstitute’s focuses on the research area ... Read More »

Replace Blasphemy With Incitement


Introduction At least 52 countries have blasphemy laws codifid into their domestic legal codes. Figure 1 illustrates the global distribution of countries with blasphemy laws. Punishments for violation range from small fies to the death penalty. States with such laws represent arangeof diffrent cultures, histories, religions, and socioeconomic levels. States range across the majority of regions including the Middle East ... Read More »

Security & Protection of Ahmadiyya in Indonesia

Foto: SETARA Institute

Introduction Although six religions are officially recognized in Indonesia, there are hundreds of religions and beliefs in across the country. Some of these are local or mystical beliefs, but there are also other religious groups like Gafatar, Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims. Intolerance towards these minority groups is on the rise. According to research by Setara Institute, in 2016 there were ... Read More »



PREFACE One of SETARA Institute’s organizational mandates is to promote, maintain and strengthen the diversity of Indonesia. Since 2007, this organization has been consistent in compiling reports on the conditions of freedom of religion/ belief in Indonesia. Ths consistency is not only evident on the Institute’s strategic methods to present knowledge and the latest data updates each year, but also ... Read More »